• Rent for a very basic apartment in central Tokyo for a year will cost between 18,000 and 27,000 pounds.
    The cost per person would be about 9,000 pounds if four people lived together in the one apartment.
    Living expenses would come to about 6,000 pounds per person.
    Therefore, rent and living expenses combined would come to about 15,000 pounds per person. (\2,000,000)
    Hence, for two participants the cost would be 30,000 pounds, for four participants 60,000 pounds would be needed. (\8,000,000)

Financial Support

  • Grace City Church has gone from 30 people to 177 people in 7 years.
    However, due to Grace City Church’s extremely high venue-rental costs in central Tokyo, it will require attendance of approx. 300. Serious financial support of other ventures will require approx.350.
    Therefore the financial support for the Samurai project will need funding (in an incrementally decreasing manner) from outside of Grace City Church for the first seven years (2016-2022), hence from US, UK, Australia.
    After the first seven years, we hope that all of the funding would be able to come from Grace City Church and others in the Grace Church-planting Network Tokyo, from 2023-2030.