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Pastors we'd love to partner with you as you seek to train the next generation

In Japan, the pathway into church ministry almost always begins with a strong experience of a call to ministry. Those who have this experience are then sent to seminary to be trained. Since seminary is very expensive and time-consuming people are hesitant to take this step unless they are sure the Lord is leading them in this way.


Our goal is to provide an interim step for people to find out whether God is leading them in this way. We believe many people will confirm their “call” as they are given the opportunity to test out their gifts by doing ministry. In an internship program, people have the opportunity to spend time serving the church, and teaching the Bible. All of this allows people to discern if they have the character, gifts and passion to pursue full time gospel ministry. God has given teaching gifts to many in the Church  who could serve the Lord full time, but have few opportunities to confirm this.  


Of course, some people after their experience as an intern will realize they are not called to full time gospel ministry. This is not a failure! On the contrary, the training they have received as an intern will enable them to continue serving the Lord more effectively as key lay leaders and bold followers of Jesus in their workplace and neighborhood. 

We hope that partnering with your church may enable us together to raise up the next generation of leaders.


In partnership

We are able to provide:

  • Centralised Bible training from experienced pastors.

  • 50% of the stipend you decide to pay to your Samurai.

  • Fellowship and support as you seek to mentor and disciple your Samurai.


We'd love to learn from your experiences and partner together.

Partner Churches


“I’m glad that Li Shintoku had the opportunity to learn about Gospel centered theology and practical ministry at the Samurai Project. I’m so thankful that Samurai interns are building good relationships with others who are working for the  gospel in Japan. This partnership across churches, as well as the classroom training and practical ministry is a huge strength of the Samurai Projects.” 

Pastor Ogura, Bread of Life Church

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