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Our staff


James Ballinger


James first came to Japan in 2009 as a missionary with OMF. After language study in Sapporo, he served at Morioka Bible Baptist Church until 2014. He has since served as a Pastor of churches in London and Christchurch, New Zealand. James has a passion for preaching and training people. 


James holds degrees in Economics and Management (MA) and in Theology (BA) from Oxford University and an MA in Theology from Oak Hill Theological College where the focus of his dissertation was on Biblical Counseling. 

James is married to Charley and they have four children. They are sent to Japan by UK based organisation, Japan Christian Link.


Yoko Hashino

Project Developer

I was raised in a traditional Japanese home with the influence of Buddhism and Shinto. At University, I was invited to church by a missionary and attended church for the first time. I was baptised when I was 20.


I studied Nutritional Therapy at Osaka Prefectural University’s Faculty of Rehabilitation. After qualifying as a Registered Nutritionist, I worked full time for various hospitals and private companies. During this time, I was actively involved in my church, as well as interdenominational organizations, using my gifts to serve as a translator.


My passion is to work with overseas missionaries, and to wrestle with how best to contextualize the Gospel in Japan.

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