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Our journey so far

The Samurai Projects began in 2015 since that time the Lord has used the project to train and send out 18 interns. Here is a chance to hear from some of our graduates.


Tomoyuki Seki

Preparing to plant a church

I became a Christian whilst I was a law student at Tokyo University. After graduation, I worked for eight years at a company in Tokyo before going to seminary. I gained a PhD in Theology where the focus of my research was in Galatians.


In 2016 I joined the Samurai Project with a view to planting a church. As a Samurai it was a blessing to be trained further in the central message of the Bible. I also grew in my ability to preach and teach the Bible. As part of my internship, I ran the Otemachi lunchtime meeting. Each week I lead a Bible study or gave a short message from the scriptures. On Sundays, I was responsible for the families ministry, and I regularly taught the Bible to children. I was part of a church that had just been planted, so I was able to get lots of practical ministry experience before beginning my own church plant.


At present, I am seeking to plant a church, and I am putting together a team who will help in this work. Week by week, I’m spending time casting the vision. The practical experience at the Samurai Projects helped me be more effective in this task.

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